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Our staff is composed of young, well trained personnel willing to put into practise the three main objectives that help improve the services provided by our company:

  • maintaining an auspicious work environment by implementing polite relations among the staff along with team effort and cooperation;
  • offering only the best quality;
  • maintaining a high degree rate of profitability.

The following main priorities help achieve the already mentioned objectives:

  • a close collaboration among the staff that is based on friendship and respect
  • a close analysis of the client’s neccesities as well as taking into account their opinion during the construction work in order to provide them with the best options
  • continous innovation by using only the best products according to construction demands, maintaining a high standard of the quality-price ratio
  • reducing to minimum the response time for client neccesities bearing in mind a high degree of efficiency.

The company has at its’ dispossal multiple teams of trained staff with specialties like builders, house painters, painters, electricians, fitters, locksmiths, carpenters, floorers, tilers, welders. These teams can work individually on small scale projects but also as a compact unit on grandiose projects.